Sunday, July 18, 2010

"Nearly all men can stand adversity, but if you want to test a man's character, give him power."

And one week later, finally an update!

I believe we last left off with Sunday. So then, we shall start with Monday. Monday was a typical day at the office. It's funny because I think my office is about 20 million times funnier than the show "The Office" with Steve Carell. There are some hilarious moments, let me tell you...
Monday night I had my Internship Seminar class and we had Richard Just, an editor from "The New Republic" come and speak to us about opinion writing/editing. If you don't know much about TNR, their audience is geared more to the left, while my magazine TWS is geared more to the right. Besides the fact that he totally dissed TWS, he had some interesting things to say. It's always funny to hear how wrong your views are when talking to someone else on the opposite side of the spectrum...

Tuesday I went into work and had a small project to do and lots of editing. Another usual day! Then Tuesday night was economics class, and once again, we shall just leave it at that.

Wednesday I went into work for a few hours in the morning. Around 11:30, another intern and I went go hear Mr. Barnes speak in Virginia with a panel. They spoke to us about "pitching the pitch: selling your freelance work to editors." The panel included: Fred Barnes from TWS, David Mark from Politico, 2 editors from the American Spectator, and an editor from the Washington Examiner. It was neat to hear their views on what kind of writing they like to see in their respective publications. It was mostly younger adults, probably a lot of people like me who are here for the summer for an internship. We went back to the office for the afternoon to finish up some work. Around 7pm we had an IPJ Alumni Round table. There were about 15 alumni who all have jobs in various fields and we basically just got to sit down and have dinner with them. There were some only a few years older than all of us, and also a few that had done the program back in the 80s. I really enjoyed talking to all of them and hearing about their different jobs and how they got there. It was very cool. After that a bunch of us went and did our econ homework...wahooooo. It didn't take too long, and like the overachievers we are, we did awesome haha :)

Thursday I went into the office and did some more editing, writing, research, and reading. I left around 4 pm because Morgan was in town for a meeting so I met her at Union Station before she left. Since traffic in DC is horrific, we only got about 15 minutes to chat, but it was wonderful to see her. I miss my family, and can't wait to see them in 1.5 weeks!
Thursday night was the wonderful economics class, which was just riveting, as always. The best part was coming back after class at 9:30 and doing three homework assignments before 9am! (kidding)

I honestly think the absolute hardest part of this program is getting out of class at 9:30pm on Thursday and having to be back in class less than 12 hours later at 9am on Friday morning...I feel like I never left! But anyways, class was done at noon on Friday, and then we went to the Australian Embassy at around 3pm. The Embassy was beautiful (sorry, no pictures to show you) and the guy who spoke to so was a)gorgeous and b) had the best accent, ever. My friend Chelsea and I sat there in awe just listening to his voice...I am a sucker for accents, what can I say.
After that, Brigette and I went to explore the city. After going about 5 blocks the wrong way (we got directions from a street vendor...always avoid this if you can, they have no idea what they are talking about haha) we wound up at the Air & Space Museum. Being there made me want to go watch the movie "Night at the Museum" because it reminded me of the part with Amelia Earhart and her plane. All of the Smithsonian exhibits are just so well done, I am amazed.

After losing track of time and spending about two hours in the museum, we decided it would be a good idea to go grab dinner haha. We ran back to Georgetown to change because we were disgusting and still in our skirts and blazers from being at the embassy. We got Chipotle for dinner...I had never had it, but apparently it is a big thing in Pittsburgh so Brigette was excited about it. It was a really good Mexican restaurant...I can see why she likes it so much!

Saturday was tons of fun. I got to sleep in which was glorious. Being sleep deprived really stinks, especially when your schedule is just go, go, go. The roommates of apartment 52 went kayaking in the Potomac river for the afternoon! Besides it being extremely hot, the afternoon was great! It was kind of cloudy and overcast, but we still made it fun nonetheless :)

If you've ever seen the movie "The Exorcist" (which I haven't) you remember the stairs they used. Well those stairs are only about 3 blocks away from campus, and you often have to walk up them to get back to campus if you're coming from the riverfront.

(me being proud that I walked up the scary, steep, long stairway)

The Potmac River was absolutely the nastiest body of water I've ever seen. So when we got back from kayaking, we all grabbed a shower before heading out for the night. While we were waiting for the bus to Dupont Circle, my friend Sonja called me! It was so nice to hear from her, and it was perfect timing because we had JUST missed the bus (literally it pulled away while we were walking up to the stop) so we had a half an hour to kill anyways. Sonja is actually going on a mission trip to Haiti for a week (I admire her--I could never do it) so please keep her in your prayers this next week!
We finally caught the bus which brought us to the metro (have to love public transportation) and we set out for a night on the town. The restaurant Brigette wanted to go to was closed? Or rather, it just wasn't at the address her GPS said it was...never trust those things!! We wound up going to a place called "Elephant and Castle." It was actually where I went with my Aunt & Uncle for the fourth of July. I am finally getting to know the area now which is good! We had a great night just hanging out and chatting, and it was a nice change of pace to go to a sit down dinner and catch up on our weeks. Here are some pictures from the evening :)

Well it is now Sunday morning, and I have a ten page paper due tomorrow, wahoooooo. So I should probably go do that? Yes, good idea.

That's all for now.
<3 hunt

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