Sunday, July 11, 2010

"No it won't all go the way it should, but I know the heart of life is good."

So since it has been almost a week since I posted (again) I'll give a quick update of some things that have been going on.

Wednesday morning we went to the World Bank for a briefing to hear about what the bank actually does. It is absolutely gigantic and in such a beautiful building. Now I knew a little bit about what TWB does, but I wasn't well versed in their happenings of the company. After sitting through the presentation, I have very mixed views of the bank. But, it was interesting nonetheless to hear about. After wards a bunch of us went to grab lunch and then we heard off for half a day of work. Transportation in this city is crazy, and I find myself having to leave a few minutes earlier each day to make it back to class on time. Which brings me to the next point in my day, class. Well, there's really not much to say about this class. Let's just say that Ethics was about a million times better, but I'll leave it at that. If you want to know more about it, ask me :-)

Thursday morning I got to go on a tour of the White House. We basically waited in line for 1.5 hours (in the 103 degree heat) to see like 5 rooms haha. It wasn't too exciting, but at least I can say I have been inside the White House, right? That's more than a lot of other people can say! I went to work after and did the usual activities: reading, editing, etc. Then came back for another fun filled class. (insert sarcasm here) We were supposed to have our first test on Friday morning, but due to ummm, unforeseen circumstances, it got pushed to next week. A bunch of us from class hung out Thursday night which was fun. It was a "study session" I guess you could call it? haha

Friday morning was, you guessed it, class! We had 12 hours of class in four days, which was really, really rough. By the time noon hit on Friday and class was over, everyone basically jumped for joy. We all came back and took a nap before our afternoon. My roommate Emmy and I decided to go to the National Cathedral for the afternoon. It was absolutely amazing. One of the most beautiful pieces of architecture I have EVER seen. Forgive the random order these pictures are in:

There was a beautiful garden right behind the Cathedral, so Emmy and I decided to go take some pictures :)

Friday night, a bunch of us took an adventure to a piano bar down the road. It was a ton of fun. There was a piano player (obviously) who played everything from billy joel and jimmy buffet, to the rolling stones and american pie. It was a fantastic evening!

After that, I went to my friend Zach's place to say goodbye since he left Saturday morning for Capetown, South Africa!

Saturday afternoon we all took a trip to SafeWay since we ran out of groceries and other necessities for our apartment...exciting, I know! We came back and made lunch and all hung out. Then Saturday night we went to the Washington Nationals Baseball game. My first REAL official baseball game--I've been to the Reading Phillies, but that doesn't really count haha. Considering we got there late and left early, this might have not totally counted either actually!

The metro was PACKED on the way back of course..we had to wait for 3 trains to even get was crazy! Always an adventure with public transportation...

After the game, the "over 21" roommates hit the bars and the "under 21" roommates baked brownies and made creepes. Well, I just ate them, I didn't help make them haha. No one would have wanted me to help, I can't even make break and bake cookies without burning them...sad, I know.

Sunday morning we took a walk around campus to get our daily exercise. I came back and did massive amounts of homework and laundry. I have: a 10 page paper due next Monday, a 3 page paper due tomorrow, 2 homework problem sets, an online tutorial, and an exam to study for. Yeah, no biggie... So I got some of those lovely tasks accomplished. Then tonight there was the "TFAS talent show and date auction" which was really fun. It was sponsored by one of the other institutes IPVS (institute on philanthropy and voluntary services) and all of the money they made was going to a non-profit at the end of the summer. People sang, dance, was quiet amusing. Then there was the date auction portion and a full band at the end.

So, that was anything but quick haha. Hope you all enjoyed reading :)

Til next time...

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