Sunday, June 20, 2010

"Life is short, love is sweet, ain't no time like this time baby."

Surprise! I am updating frequently now! Or is it because I have a midterm tomorrow night and I am sick of studying? hmmm...I'll let you decide :)

Today was a lot of fun, but soooo incredibly hot. We went to Mount Vernon for the day and literally walked the entire ground. I think we went through about 7 bottles of water throughout the course of the day! But it was a really neat trip; one that I'll remember for a long time. Of course, I shall supply you with pictures and commentary...let's begin!

This is the mansion where Martha and Mr. Washington lived:

Then of course, we just had to get a picture together :)

The absolutely beautiful view over looking the Potomac from the Washington's back porch:

This was a slave log cabin where families of up to 12 people would live:

This barn had 16 different entrances/doors wrapping around the entire structure!

Me looking out over the Potomac River:

The tomb where George Washington is buried:

GW himself! haha

My favorite part...the upper gardens. They were so beautiful:

Loved this part of the day:

And that concludes the tour! It was a really nice day all-in-all. After M.V. we all came back and made dinner. Three of us have our midterm tomorrow, so of course it is cram time! Then work early in the morning and class.

Hope everyone has a great week! I'll probably post again in a few days :)
<3 Huntley

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