Monday, June 7, 2010

"Slow down, you crazy child."

Wow. What an amazingly hectic day it has been! My dad and I left for D.C. around 9:30am on Sunday to come and move in, and boy was that an adventure. I have moved in and out of school six times, and this was by far the worst move-in! There was no parking anywhere and everything was so far away from my apartment. I felt so bad for my dad when we were all done, he is one of the most amazing people I know. Once I was all settled in, my roommates and I realized that we had no shower curtains in our showers! So, my dad and I decided to venture out and get some. Well, that was a project and a half to say the least. Traffic was terrible (so glad I don't have my car in DC) but we finally made it back and I literally had to sprint to my meeting! We had an orientation session from 4-5:30 and then a pizza party after to get to know one another. The girls I sat with are incredible, everyone in this program knows exactly what they want to do with their lives and they are all so ambitious. After that, my roommates and I all came back to our apartment. We rearranged some furniture, and wound up just sitting and talking for almost two hours. They are all amazing girls. My roommate, Bridgette, just graduated from UPitt and is going to be attending PittLaw in the fall. Her internship is with a law firm on Capital Hill. She, along with another apartment mate, Michelle, are on the political and domestic track program. Michelle also just graduated from a small college in Montana, but she currently lives in Arizona. Her roommate, Nezile, will be a senior at Bennett College for Women in the fall. Nezile is originally from South Africa and she is on the IPJ track with me and our 5th apartment mate, Emmy. Emmy will be a sophomore at Moravian College in the fall.

Once we were all done talking, we finished unpacking. My friend Zach, who I went to high school with, came over and he set up wireless for us! Now our apartment is cord free and has wifi! It is wonderful I must say. Hopefully the computer people won't make us take it down! After, he needed to go shopping so we walked around Georgetown for a while and he showed me some of the gorgeous buildings. We actually wound up hanging out for the night and catching up till the morning hours which was really fun. It's always good to go away from old friends and then come back and realize nothing has changed, you can still laugh and talk for hours!

After my amazing night-sleep (not sarcastic!) we woke up and went to more orientation activities. We played DC trivia. Do you know the only letter of the alphabet that does not have a street name in DC? I do! (It's J, if you were wondering). Then we had some free time for the afternoon which was lovely. Because my sense of direction is terrible to say the least (stop laughing Morgan and Dad) I set out to find my internship ahead of time. My amazing tour guide, Zach, helped me find where I was going. And guess metro for me!! My internship is a 10-15 minute bus ride to Dupont Circle, and then about 5 or 6 blocks down the road is my building! It is huge and beautiful, and I am so intimidated. I am glad I found out where I am going before Wednesday when I actually have to do the real thing! We took two different ways around to see which one was quicker, but I decided to just take the route I know for now. Maybe after a week or two I will feel ambitious and try something new? After the bus ride back, we came back and relaxed for a little bit.

I had my first class, Ethical Perspectives in the Media, from 6:30-9:30. Now I must say, I was completely dreading this class. I took Law and Ethics last semester as Etown, and that was a 3.5 hour class once a week which was the absolute death of me. So, I was not happy when I saw this on my schedule. But, wow. Holy cow. This professor is amazing. I have never in my fifteen years of education had a teacher like this. He is beyond intelligent. I can tell it will, hands down, be the absolute hardest class I have ever taken, but it will also be the most enjoyable. He lectures in a way that makes you answer your own questions and come to the realizations's truly amazing. The conversations we had were so well crafted and debated, it was so interesting. And it flew by! Hopefully it will stay this way, and hopefully I'll make it through without wanting to cry from the work load every night haha

Well, that's about all for now. Maybe I'll do a little reading for fun because who knows the next time I'll get to do that!

<3 Huntley

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