Thursday, June 10, 2010

"Most live as oysters, while some become pearls."

Hello! Sorry I haven't posted in a few days! It has been a CRAZY week, but so amazing.

Tuesday morning we had an all-institute session where the president of TFAS spoke. We had an ice-breaker activity where we took a quiz to find out where we stand in the political spectrum. Well, no surprises here, but it was kind of cool. Then we had a session about traveling safely in DC and how to be "the best intern in DC." They were fun and very helpful. But my favorite session was on "how to throw a party." Apparently at Georgetown all you need to do is a)find two hosts and one has to be over 21 and b)register it with the college. If you do both of these steps, you can have a party on campus? It was so strange to me! I was sitting there the whole time thinking of ResLife back at Etown haha. After that, my roommates and I grabbed lunch and then they all set out to find their internships. I decided it would be a good idea to go and try to find mine on my own without my personal tour guide! I did and my sense of direction is definitely improving, I swear. We did some shopping then came back and hung out for a little bit. Then I had my first Internship Seminar class from 7-8:30. The professor was great and I love the class so much. She brought in an outside speaker who is the journalist who writes the obituaries for the NYT! He was awesome, but I could NEVER do that job. His stories were crazyyy! After that I hung out with Zach and some of his friends for his 21st birthday which was a lot of fun!

Wednesday morning I set out for my first day of my internship! It was a really cool experience. I got there and got set up with my own office and computer and everything, I felt so important haha. I read the newspaper to see if any interesting stories were happening to blog about, I read the last two issues of TWS and caught up on information about the company and such. Two employees even took me out for coffee, it was so nice. So the day encompassed a lot of reading, but it was all very helpful and insightful. After I got back to my apartment, we had the reporter for ABC who covers the White House and the Obama Administration come and speak to us. She is actually a graduate of IPJ and hasn't left DC since she got here in 2000! She was awesome and gave us some great tips and an insiders look to reporting.

Which brings me to today, Thursday. Today was my second day of my internship, and even better than yesterday! I met my supervisor, Fred Barnes, and got to copy edit articles for Monday's issue of the magazine. Wow, good thing I have been on a newspaper staff since 9th grade :) I also got to do a neat project about the congressmen and senators across the country, and I continued to read the blog and get updates about current news. The office is such a great environment to work in and everyone is so nice. I can tell I am going to learn a lot this summer and I'm so grateful for the opportunity to do so. Then tonight we had our second Ethics class, with was awesome again. The three hours flew by and I continue to just learn so much. Also...HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my big sis MORGIEEE :)

Phew, that was a lot. I need to start posting more frequently! Til next time...
<3 Huntley

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  1. Only one spelling error this time. Congrats :)